Inuyasha Episode 67

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Judul Episode: The wind of betrayal blowing out of control
Kagura kicked Kouga's ass and stole his shards. She offered them to Sesshomaru in return that he would kill Naraku for her, but he refused. All the wolf demons found about Inuyasha's human form. So, Kagome was tending Kouga's wounds and Inuyasha was trying to convince her to leave him(oo, Mr. Considerate). Later, the gang plus the wolf demons went to Naraku's castle when they ran into Kagura again. Stupid Kouga jumped into the fight when he didn't fully recover. Deja vu. Kouga got his ass kicked (again). Inuyasha wanted to fight Kagura but Shippo begged him not to fight in his human form. Inuyasha got in just as the sun rose, still, Kagura saw him in his human form. They fought and Inuyasha managed to make her drop Kouga's shards. Kouga grabbed them and inserted then in his legs. Kagura flew away on her feather back to Naraku, who was aware that she attempted to betray him. She decided not to tell him about Inuyasha's secret.

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